Cottage Walls is a home-based art studio and frame building workshop located in beautiful Portland Maine.  

Nan the Framer

Nan is an artist and Certified Picture Framer and the owner/founder of Cottage Walls  After years of experience working in traditional frame shops and art galleres, Nan enjoys having the the opportunity to work out of her own home in her design studio and frame building workshop.  Nan loves the freedom to frame art she loves and work on one-of-a kind creations like her framed earring holders and covered cork boards. 

Her artistic interests focus mainly on illustration, calligraphy, watercolor and acrylics. As an artist, her illustrations often have a border or frame included in the image and as a framer, she loves to hand-paint the wood moulding and have the frame be part of the art itself. It's the idea of combining her love and interest in art and framing into a unified whole. 

If not her her studio, you will most likely find her working in her garden, weather permitting of course. 

Nan Lives with her artist husband and Cairn Terrier, Isla in their home they have have always called their "Red Cottage."